Conductivity Sensor

Graduated measuring ranges 0.01 µS/cm – 2,000 mS/cm

Conductivity sensors for optimum process integration: DULCOTEST sensors meet a wide range of measuring requirements and allow the best solution to any given measuring task to be achieved.


  • 27 different sensor types tailored to different requirements and offering optimum performance for money: measuring range, temperature, chemical resistance, contamination tolerance and process integration
  • From simple conductometric sensors to high-end sensors based on the inductive measurement principle
  • Precise and reliable measurement enables efficient processes and maximum process reliability
  • Long service lives and short maintenance intervals reduce downtime and increase the availability of the measured values
  • Complete pre-assembled kits containing fitting and sensor for easy, fast and error-free installation
  • Prompt delivery for quick replacement


  • Metering and dilution of chemicals
  • Measuring the concentration of aggressive chemicals
  • Washing and cleaning processes, especially CIP (cleaning in place) processes in the food and beverage industry
  • Blowdown control in cooling towers
  • Control of ultra-clean, clean and potable water generation processes
  • Wastewater