Waste Water Recycling Solutions
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Transforming Waste Water into Resources through Ingenious Recycling Technologies and Customized Plant Solutions
WB Sewage Treatment Plants
Sewage treatment plant is process of converting waste in to resource, where the domestic sewage waste is treated to remove the pollutants/contaminants from the water and make it suitable for re-use application such as for irrigation, flushing, cooling tower make up water requirement etc.
We are specialized in design, Engineering, supply, installation & commissioning of sewage Treatment plants (STP) based on following technologies.
We provide package solutions as well as built at site services.
WB Effluent Treatment Plant
We offer Effluent treatment plant as a customized plant in waste water treatment method, where the different quality of effluents generated from the industrial process are treated based on the effluent characters to meet the local authority disposal standards and also to recycle it back for reusable application as required.
Range of industries we provide services includes for Diary industry, Concrete/Cement/Ceramic industries, Package industries, metal processing/powder coating industries, oil field services, Food processing industries etc.
Our treatment methods includes
WB TSE Recycling Plants
One of the most promising treatment system in the waste water recycling industry which helps in environmental Conservation and best cost saving system used in Cooling tower applications.
In Cooling towers large amount of water is wasted as blow down and same quantity off fresh water is need to be added as a makeup water. The cost of fresh water adds to huge vale for the cooling tower operators and consumers.
TSE polishing plant is a concept where the treated sewage shall be further polished to portable water quality so as to make it reusable for cooling tower make up water instead of Fresh waters. The quality of TSE water is considered to be better than available domestic fresh waters, which makes The TSE polished water suitable for more number of cycles in cooling which in turns reduces the consumption of water, chemicals and less disposal of blow down waste waters means less impact on the environment., thus serves as socio-economic beneficiary process. Also serves as an alternative method of treated sewage water disposal process apart from irrigation and sea disposal methods.

We are specialized in providing Ultra filtration followed by Reverse Osmosis based TSE polishing plants.
WB Grey Water Treatment Plants
Grey water is considered as simplest and easiest possible recycling water. Because of it is less polluted than sewage waste (black water) it can be recycled with simple treatment methods onsite for uses application such as toilet flushing, landscape irrigation etc. Waste water generated from hand-wash basins, Showers and bath baths are considered as Grey Water.
We design and build grey water as per the customer requirement and application.
WB Customised Recycling Plants
We offer solution for all kind of waste water recycling requirements for domestic, industrical and commercial establishments. We understand the customer requirement, optimize and design the plant in most economical way.