Water Treatment Plants
Designing, Supplying, & Renting Cutting-Edge Water Treatment Systems for Clean & Purified Water
Elevate Your Water Treatment Experience with State-of-the-Art Technology, Customized Solutions, & Unmatched Expertise in Ensuring Uncompromised Water Quality Excellence
WB Filters
We Design and supply various filters for water treatmnet application, we supply
WB Softeners
We design & supply softeners for removal of Hardness in the water used in various Domestic as well as Industrical applications.
WB Reverse Osmosis
Reverse osmosis is a process of separation of dissolved ions from water/waste water by pressurizing it through a semi permeable membrane. From the feed stream the purified water passes through the membrane as product and concentrated ions are rejected as a reject.
In Cooling towers large amount of water is wasted as blow down and same quantity off fresh water is need to be added as a makeup water. The cost of fresh water adds to huge vale for the cooling tower operators and consumers.
Our Range of Reverse Osmosis Systems includes
WB Rental RO
We provide rental RO for term basis based on the end user requirement.
WB DM Plants
We design and supply De-mineralization plants as per the end users requiremnet. DM plant can be membrane based, resin based & electrode base.
WB Disinfection Units
We can supply disinfection units as follows.
WB Food Grade Minerals for Bottled Water
Our comprehensive expertise in minerals enables us to meet customer specifications accurately and reliably. We supply minerals according to our customers’ needs. Working in close consultation, we always aim for the highest quality and product purity.