Speciality Chemicals
Water Bird Speciality Chemicals: Tailored Solutions for Optimal Water and Waste Water Treatment
Enhancing System Performance, Reducing Costs, and Ensuring Environmental Sustainability with Innovative Coagulants, Flocculants, Polymers, De-foamers, Bio-degradable Products
WB Speciality Chemicals
Speciality Chemicals in water and waste water treatment are those chemicals that are engineered to specifically meet the requirements of a system – be it for the purpose of Coagulation/Flocculation, Sludge de-watering, De-foaming, Scale prevention, Odor control, Heavy metal removal etc.
Water Bird offers a wide range of specific products and technical services to meet the process requirements. Our technical team provides its services by conducting on-site jar tests/effective plant trials and troubleshooting the system wherever necessary in order to enhance system performance by recommending right products at optimum dosage thus reducing cost in process operations leading to increased efficiency and overall savings.
  • Organic and inorganic coagulants to enhance solid-liquid separation specifically formulated for industrial and municipal waste water treatment applications.
  • Flocculants for solid-liquid separation.
  • Polymers: Organic based polymers for the purpose of de-coloration, which also contributes to the reduction of Chemical Oxygen Demand {COD} in specific types of Waste Water that is contaminated with color. Comprehensive range of powder and liquid emulsion polymers to cover all kinds of de-watering systems, water and waste water treatment applications.
  • De-foamers for foam prevention in all types of water and waste water treatment processes.
  • Bio-degradable range of environmental friendly products (Enzymes and Live Bacterial Cultures) for various applications.
  • Scale preventive chemicals for ETP and STP systems.
  • A wide range of RO membrane anti-scalants (4 to 6 types for various types of water – Low/high brackish, sea water, TSE Water, High silica prevention etc.)
  • Cleaning chemicals and biocides for all types of RO/UF membranes (Liquid/Powder Form)
  • Magnesia Food Grade Minerals for Bottled Water .
Product Name Application Industries
WB PD 50 Charge Neutralization ,COD & BOD Reducing Ceramic /Food/Chemical/Cosmetics
BWD 890Charge Neutralization ,COD & BOD Reducing Ceramic/tile/Chemical
WB PA 50/WB 04C Charge Neutralization ,COD & BOD Reducing Oil /Chemical/Cosmetics
BWD 01 Charge Neutralization ,COD & BOD Reducing Textile /Chemical Industries
WB 520 Charge Neutralization ,COD & BOD Reducing Desalination RO/power plant pre treatment/ceramic/chemical treatment/Paper process
WB PA 25 Charge Neutralization ,COD & BOD Reducing Oil & Grease removal/Paper process
BWD 01 Charge Neutralization ,COD & BOD Reducing Textile/Dye Industry/chemical industries
Product Name Application Industries
PAC POWDERCharge Neutralization ,COD & BOD Reducing Paper/Chemical/oil/Textile waste water
WB 19Charge Neutralization ,COD & BOD Reducing Paper/Chemical/Textile waste water
WB SP 02Charge Neutralization ,COD & BOD ReducingMetal/Chemical/Textile waste water
Ferric ChlorideCharge Neutralization ,COD & BOD Reducing Desalination/Sewage treatment
WB 05 & WB 10 Charge Neutralization ,COD & BOD Reducing Food waste/chemical/oil waste water
WB 09 & WB 04C Charge Neutralization ,COD & BOD ReducingCleaning/Oil/chemical/food waste water
WB SP 05Charge Neutralization ,COD & BOD Reducing Metal/Chemical/Textile waste water
Product Name Type of PolymerApplication Industries
WBFLOC 7950Powder TypeSludge settlingChemical/Oil/Ceramic/Mining/ Paper retention aid
WBFLOC 7950-10 Powder TypeSludge SettlingOil /Paper Retention aid
WBFLOC 7926-10Powder TypeSludge SettlingAluminum/Mining/Metal processing
WBFLOC 7950-35Powder TypeSludge SettlingMining
WBFLOC AE 760Liquid TypeSludge SettlingOil/Chemical/Mining/Paper drainage aid
PHPA/HPAM PolymersLiquid TypeDrilling Fluid AdditivesOil & Gas
Product Name Type of PolymerApplication Industries
WBFLOC 1580CPowder PolymerSludge dewatering/Sludge settlingDomestic/Municipal sewage
WBFLOC 692UHPowder polymerSludge dewatering/Sludge thickeningDomestic/municipal/Chemical
WBFLOC 692SSHPowder polymer Sludge dewatering/Sludge settlingDomestic/Municipal sewage
WBFLOC 8140SHPowder polymer Sludge dewateringDomestic/Municipal sewage
WBFLOC 600Powder polymer Sludge dewatering/Sludge ThickeningDomestic/Municipal sewage
WBFLOC 1809Liquid polymerSludge dewateringDomestic/Municipal sewage
WBFLOC 3210CLiquid polymerSludge dewateringDomestic/Municipal sewage
Product Name Type of AntifoamIndustries
WB ANTIFOAM 3030AFatty Alcohol baseWater Treatment/oil/Drilling/Desalination/Paper Making
WB ANTIFOAM 1530ESilicon Base Food Industries/Construction/Paint/Drilling mud
WB ANTIFOAM 4060Fatty Alcohol Base Sewage/Chemical/Oil/Drilling/Desalination/Paper
WB ANTIFOAM 8000T/8000Polyether Base Oil/Energy /Paper making
WB Antifoam SL -100/SL-10/SL-8001Silicon esters base Oil refining/Oil Gas separation
WB Antifoam SL -3700Special polyether base Water reducer
WB Antifoam SL- 7000Special polyether based Cementing cement
WB Antifoam SL-1085/2085Solid silicon ether ester base Cement Mortar
WB Antifoam SL 2006/SL 2590Alcohol ethers /Alcohol polyether base Water based paint/Latex paint
WB Antifoam SL 60Silicon ether ester base General industrial waste water treatment
WB antifoam SL 30EAlcohol polyether base Cationic water treatment/Power plant circulation water
WB Antifoam SL 8000/SL 8000TPolyether based, excellent degassing & defoaming performance. Water treatment Biochemical method or Osmatic membrane system
Product Name Product NatureIndustries
Micro treat MZ 50 (Algaecide)Organic Liquid Algae removal/Water makes clear
Calcium hypochlorite/TICA Tablet Powder Type/TabletDesintficion
Bio Reme Pond Cleaner Organic Bacterial Powder Pond Cleaner/Sludge reducer
BiocideLiquid Type Removal of bacterial counts
WB Antifoam Alcohol Based Removal of Foaming
Cyanuric Acid Powder Type Chlorine Stabilizer
Liqui Bac-RMC USA Pathological Bacteria Odor controller
Product Name Product NatureIndustries
PHPA/HPAM Polymer Liquid type Drilling Fluid additives
Fracturing Fluid/friction reducer Powder/emulsion Fracturing additives
Flooding polymer Powder/EmulsionOil recovery
Acid Thicker agentPowderThickening Agent
AntifoamSilicon ester/polyether base Foam removal
Demulsifies WB PA 50 Organic Liquid To separate water in Oil
Reverse demulsifies WB PD 50 Organic Liquid To separate oil in water
BactericideOrganic Liquid Biocide Application
Caustic soda PelletsPelletspH Control
Citric acidOrganic Power/Liquid pH Control
Defoamer-Al stearateSilica BaseDefoamer
Defoamer-Alcohol based WB Antifoam 3030Fatty Alcohol baseDefoamer
DefoamerGlycol baseDefoamer
Soda Ash Powder type Ionic Treatment
Anionic polyelectrolyte Powder type Piling Application
Product Name Product NatureApplicationIndustries
Liqui Bac-RMC USA Liquid type Odor Neutralizer Waste water treatment
Bio Reme Aerobic/ Anarobic Powder Type Bacteria culture Sewage treatment
Bio Reme-Odor Controller Liquid Type Odor Neutralizer Waste water treatment
LLMO G1 Liquid type Fat & grease removal Grease trap industries/chemical
LLMO SST Liquid type Bacterial culture-Multi purpose Waste water treatment
LLMO E1 Liquid type Bacterial Culture Waste water treatment
LLMO Start Smart Liquid Type Bacterial culture-Ammonia reduction Waste water treatment
Bio render Liquid Type Odor Neutralizer Slaughter house/chicken waste cooker
Lake Treatment

Oil & Gas

Oil Drilling
Polyelectrolyte Applications